Hilarious Genius Moments Capturing How Clever Humans Can Be

02 Jul 2024

Life can present you with all sorts of twists and turns, and most people take these changes like champions. They accept what the world has in store for them and don't question anything. They go with the flow, and they are quite happy with it.

1. A Well-Deserved Award for a Great Employee

There are many ways to showcase your strengths and distinguish yourself in your position as a worthy and conscientious employee. You don't even need to be named Employee of the Month. But if you do have the honor of being recognized as an employee of the month, you will be even more proud of yourself.

1. A Well-Deserved Award for a Great Employee.jpg?format=webp@Employee of the Month/9gag.com

But what happens if you work for yourself? The answer is simple. You reward yourself! To us, this is the definition of a power move. It's using your power to make a fool of yourself. You have to like it. No matter what, everyone has the right to present themselves however they want.

2. The Most Cunning Maneuver in History

When people ask you for money, it's probably the most annoying thing you can do. While you certainly want to help people you care about, it's very hard to keep handing out handouts. Older people in families are obviously used to this.

2. The Most Cunning Maneuver in History.jpg?format=webp@woolsprout/reddit.com

So, we can only imagine how many requests for money this uncle went through before coming up with this strategy. It's quite brilliant, to be honest, but his family doesn't recognize it as a move for power simply because they don't know his true intentions. And that's the beauty of it.

3. The Guy who did not Get Confused

Today, texts are a great space for creating both dramatic and laconic comedic masterpieces. For example, from clear situations that contain misunderstandings, or from texts that use intrigue to confuse the interlocutor. This guy didn't lose his cool and got creative.

3. The Guy who did not Get Confused.jpg?format=webp@14 Textos dont le dénouement imprévisible va attirer toute ton attention/sympa-sympa.com

He managed to find a funny way out of the situation and did not give up, even though the girl rejected him. Perhaps after that, she decided to give him a second chance and appreciated his sense of humor. After all, this character trait also says a lot about a person.

4. Not just Power but Superpower

Did you know that power can work ahead of time? Especially when it comes to very hypothetical things, such as the death of celebrities who are still alive and well, fortunately. And they already have so-called "saviors" who want to go back to the future and prevent their death by making them immortal.

4. Not just Power, but Superpower.jpg?format=webp@RecordEnvironmental4/reddit.com

Isn't this a wonderful superpower? How many wonderful people we would be able to see again and how many new masterpieces they would create again. This seems to be one of the best power moves that could ever exist. Who would you revive from the celebrities who have long since passed away?

5. Sugar Baby, Your Insults No Longer Work

Sugar babies are pretty controversial, but regardless of how you feel about them, Demanda had the last laugh with her "thank you post" after her incredibly toxic relationship with Brad ended badly. He even cut her out of his will when he died!

5. Sugar Baby, Your Insults No Longer Work.jpg?format=webp@space_2015/ifunny.co

But luckily, she wasn't the scary, predictable type. Not only did she get herself a young lover but she also ran her own business, taking advantage of her sugar baby at the same time. So, as they say, the last one to laugh is the one who laughs.          

6. A Promise is not a Trinket

If you are promised twice as much good for one good deed, you should not hesitate. Take a cue from this guy, he knows exactly how to find a benefit for himself and get rich off of his father's blind love. And there is nothing to be ashamed of because your father himself offers you a good deal.

6. A Promise is not a Trinket.jpg?format=webp@Poetic_Trash/reddit.com

You should be careful what you say, because one day you will meet someone more cunning, and then you will have to sweat to prove that you did not mean what you said. People are very cunning creatures and sometimes it can be quite difficult to compete with them. So the next move is for the girl's father.

7. Very Brave, and Most Importantly, Clever

They say that fools are lucky. This guy knows this for sure. Unlike his colleagues, he didn't write a long essay on courage. He just got creative and won. Sometimes the first thoughts that come to mind are the best ideas. It's not always good what is complicated.

7. Very Brave, and Most Importantly, Clever.jpg?format=webp@tomassfoolery/reddit.com

Sometimes very simple things move this world and motivate us to reach new heights and achievements. We are used to complicating our lives. But sometimes it is unnecessary. To change something, sometimes you just need to relax and be yourself. Although the latter is always relevant.

8. The Knight's Move

This guy didn't use any hints and won his million on his own. That's really admirable. However, in the end, he did an even cooler thing that deserves all the money he earned. He called his father on the air and told him that his son was now a rich man.

8. The Knight's Move.jpg?format=webp@NoMeAnexen/reddit.com

This act was for a reason. Perhaps his father had always oppressed him and told his son that he was incapable of anything, or, on the contrary, he had always believed in his child and was waiting for the right moment to come along and for fate to smile on him. Whatever the case, this guy went all in and won.

9. To Put the Doubt to Rest

None of the vendors could prove that the fruit they were selling was from the country they were from. And only one man found the perfect way out of the situation and rubbed their noses in it, exposing them one by one and knocking them out of the game. The Romanian vendor printed a huge ID card that belonged to him on a banner.

9. To Put the Doubt to Rest.jpg?format=webp@RoBreaker/reddit.com

Now no one will doubt that his fruit came from Romania. But will the others be able to prove it? We doubt it. The winner is the one who is not afraid to make high bets and has the resources to keep them. Otherwise, in this game, everyone will get what they deserve and sooner or later will lose.

10. Better Response

Retirement is probably still bothering him somehow. It must be hard to train and fight for something so passionately, to be on the sidelines as a commentator, and then to get hit by someone like that. The same goes for most people who have played their favorite sport at the highest level. They always feel like they left too soon, even if they didn't.

10. Better Response.jpg?format=webp@EfficiencySerious200/reddit.com

To be honest, while the internet can make people ruder because of anonymity and lack of consequences, there is a flip side to the coin where people can speak the truth without fear of retaliation. This example may not be the best, as telling someone the truth is not necessarily rude. At the same time, threatening violence for an insult is the behavior of a toddler.

11. Taking Advantage

While some people may remain friends with their exes, the vast majority of people choose to stay away - unless they want to get back together. Most exes meet up late at night to fulfill their needs and be with someone they are used to when they are lonely, and it seems like that person was ready for this to happen.

11. Taking Advantage.jpg?format=webp@Archangel_Michael/ifunny.co

They probably had no idea that their ex would just use this excuse to steal some toilet paper from their house. You'll agree that this is a crappy situation with a lot of questions that immediately raise very ambiguous answers.

12. Abusive Relationships

Poor girl, she definitely didn't expect to hear this, we guess, now from her ex-boyfriend. If he thinks she needs plastic surgery, why is he dating her? It's a strange thing to write to another person. Perhaps that was just a poor joke. Different things happen in life.

12. Abusive Relationships.jpg?format=webp@CadenT02/reddit.com

Not everyone has a good sense of humor, and sometimes some people just lack a sense of tact and manners. That's why such messages appear. But the main thing is that now the girl realizes who she is dealing with. And perhaps this was only the beginning of his story.

13. Belief in Your Work Is Above All

The landlord is definitely lucky to have such a self-confident tenant who offers to raise the rent. It is unlikely that there are many people in the world who would take such a desperate step. Often, people would rather save money than give more money to a stranger.

13. Belief in Your Work Is Above All.jpg?format=webp@Swimming_Basket2672/reddit.com

However, this guy said he was too confident in his job to pay more money to the owner of the apartment he lives in. That's a strange thing to say! We think the landlord pulled out a lottery ticket and won the game. I guess if you're lucky, you're fortunate in everything.

14. The Girl Who Turned Down Oxford

Who wouldn't want to get an invitation to Oxford University? It's the dream of many applicants. But it seems there are exceptions. A girl boasted of her invitation to one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, received congratulations but noted that it was not a fact that she would go to study there.

14. The Girl Who Turned Down Oxford.jpg?format=webp@krrishbhogrey/reddit.com

It is not known whether she wrote this with humor or seriousness, but she added that she has not yet decided whether she will go to study there. This reaction surprised many people. Because this is a great opportunity to join the elite of world education, it is simply wildness not to take advantage of this opportunity for many.

15. A Plot Twist

Imagine being fooled by some schoolchildren for seven years. Sometimes people underestimate the creativity and ingenuity of children. Believe it or not, children are much more creative than adults because they don't have the stresses and anxieties of life yet.

15. A Plot Twist.jpg?format=webp@factsweird/instagram.com

Nevertheless, it was definitely an interesting turn of events. We wonder what interesting conversations and secret information these schoolchildren might have heard during the seven years that it was hanging there. This is undoubtedly one of the best "great move" moments of all time.

16. Until the Tears

When someone tells a humorous story or makes a witty remark that sounds louder and more interesting than yours and then gets all the credit, it can be frustrating and upsetting. This scenario is not uncommon, especially in social or professional environments where attention and recognition dynamics play an important role.

16. Until the Tears.jpg?format=webp@DesertReagle/reddit.com

Humor frequently flourishes in settings where the presenting style is just as crucial as the subject matter. A bold, confident, and talented statement can quickly eclipse quieter, more subdued statements. When someone makes a joke that makes everyone laugh and then gets praised, you could feel like your hard work has gone unappreciated.

17. Elegant Revenge

What do you do when emotions are running high? Fighting further only means adding fuel to the fire. This guy approached the problem creatively, using only his imagination and technological skills. Every time the quarrel reached its climax, he would take one of his girlfriend's photos, open it in an image editor, and start to elongate her head, creating a comical effect.

17. Elegant Revenge.jpg?format=webp@My_Memes_Will_Cure_U/reddit.com

In this way, the guy found an outlet for his feelings, instead of provoking an escalation of the conflict and causing even more pain to his loved one. Instead, he allowed himself to ridicule the situation, turning it into a comedy. His approach demonstrated the power of humor as a means of overcoming conflict.

18. A Way to Catch Cops

Have you ever caught a police officer breaking traffic rules? It turns out that everything is possible, and even so, cases are easy to prove when you pay attention. This man even documented these violations so that he could submit them as evidence and make it public via the web.

18. A Way to Catch Cops.jpg?format=webp@MyNameGifOreilly/reddit.com

He asked if he could drive beyond the white line on the road at a traffic light, and the police wrote that he could not. But in the photo, law enforcement officials ignored this rule, so what other arguments could there be? Now they will have to explain everything.

19. It Turned Out Awkwardly

When you want to expose someone else's laziness or unwillingness to work, you may find yourself in an unexpected situation and uncomfortable. This is what happened in this case, when an anonymous person decided to violate a stranger's personal space and accused him of hanging out on social media instead of doing work.

19. It Turned Out Awkwardly.jpg?format=webp@Shrikarrr/reddit.com

However, things didn't turn out the way this vigilant observer had hoped. He had stumbled upon the wrong person. The man was not even afraid to give his boss's number to send him a text message. The boss was notified but it turned out to be the same man who was accused of being lazy. As it turned out, the man worked for himself.

20. Time to Take Out the Trash

No matter how good most moms are, they reach a breaking point. And it can happen at any time. When you've spent so much time ignoring your responsibilities that the trash starts to pile up, you know you only have a short time before your mom yells at you.

20. Time to Take Out the Trash.jpg?format=webp@Mom Goals/lamebook.com

But this mom decided to get creative. Instead of being frank with her child, she sent her a box of garbage. Isn't that funny? It's also potentially the most aggressive case of passive aggression we've ever seen. Kudos to this mom... she is a game-changer.

21. Creativity Saves Where It Seemed Hopeless

A man put up a beautiful creative bench in a parking lot but he was rejected and told that it was just a place for vehicles. Do you think he gave up on his idea? Not at all. He parked his car, and in the luggage compartment he put a bench with potted plants.

21. Creativity Saves Where It Seemed Hopeless.jpg?format=webp@Green____cat/reddit.com

And now no one will say anything to him. It's a great example of a strong desire to do something and imagination working well. Add a little creativity and voila - the desired becomes a reality, and it takes very little effort. The main thing is that now no one can say anything against it.

22. He Sued Himself and Won

This story once made the rounds around the world. A man threw a boomerang, it came back to him and hit him. What does this gentleman do? It's simple: he doesn't give up and sues himself - and wins a tidy sum! Have you seen anything like it?

22. He Sued Himself and Won.jpg?format=webp@lorddmemez/threads.net

But most importantly, he doesn't pay himself anything, he just receives. What is the secret, you may ask? He received full payment from the insurance company. A very cunning move, and most importantly, a smart one. A few more such successful lawsuits and you can get into Forbes.

23. They Did Not Expect This

You can learn how to make a lot of money from this company. They increased their earnings by 728% in a year. How did they do it? They simply conducted a survey of people who were vacationing during working hours instead of working, and then reduced or sold shares in those companies whose employees were not making enough effort to grow and develop their companies.

23. They Did Not Expect This.jpg?format=webp@APensiveMonkey/reddit.com

It was a brilliant move. Because for a company to be profitable, it needs to work hard, and employees who just drink tea and do nothing are redundant. In addition, they themselves must have a desire to grow and gain new knowledge and experience, and only occasionally take well-deserved breaks to reset.

24. Like the First Time

Imagine a woman who has been working for a company for two years but every time she meets a customer, she tells them it's her first day at work. No matter how strange or even absurd it may seem, this behavior has its own logic and can reveal some interesting aspects of human nature and interaction in the work environment.

24. Like the First Time.jpg?format=webp@calum-enthusiast/tumblr.com

But there is a logical explanation for this. The woman used a psychological trick. By presenting herself as a beginner, she was relieving herself of the pressure of customers' expectations. People are usually more patient and lenient with those who are just starting. Thus, she ensured a more relaxed working atmosphere.

25. How do Strangers React to Weird Books on the Subway?

Armed with a serious poker face, this man investigated. He took each time a new cover he created for his books and pretended to read them on the subway. Among the titles were: What Would I Have Done on September 11? by George W. Bush and How to Get Away with Murder... for Dummies by Robert Durst.

25. How do Strangers React to Weird Books on the Subway.jpg?format=webp@Impressive_Clerk_643/reddit.com

It turned out to be an extraordinary prank, and this man managed to collect a number of funny emotions from people. His book experiment is a head-turning prank. You can also do something like that and will get an interesting experience.

26. Who is in Charge in the Kitchen is also in Charge in the Photo

Being a parent is a thankless job. You work so hard for your children, cooking for them, cleaning up after them, ensuring their survival, and for what? So that they don't help you while you prepare for a huge holiday? This mother made a very good decision.

26. Who is in Charge in the Kitchen is also in Charge in the Photo.jpg?format=webp@pantsareunwelcome/tumblr.com

This mom realized how unfair this was and decided to make a strong move by taking a family photo... without her family. This photo really shows some serious mom power and we are definitely in awe of her. She cooked a great meal, so it's only fair that she got her picture taken!

27. Until the Sea Washes It Away

I wonder how many couples' weekends or moods have been ruined by this inscription? "Marry me" is a phrase that almost every woman who dreams of sharing her life with her beloved man would like to hear. But for some reason, the man is in no hurry to make the longed-for proposal.

27. Until the Sea Washes It Away.jpg?format=webp@CasuallyHax/reddit.com

And then someone decided to make this inscription in the sand. We don't know if the girl who was conceived by these words agreed but there would be those on this beach who would definitely say "Yes". Perhaps this is just a sign and it's time for someone to think about important decisions.

28. The Customer is Always the Boss

How about this? When a taxi driver was convinced that he was the boss of his job and that he is in charge of everything there. Suddenly, the client broke him down and told him to turn right. No matter how you slice it, the customer has the last word, because it's the one who brings in the money. 

28. The Customer is Always the Boss.jpg?format=webp@lk80h1zvcu3194/ifunny.co

In the world of customer service, roles, and control are often blurred, leading to an interesting dynamic between those who provide the service and those who receive it. This is particularly evident in the case of the taxi driver who believed he was in full control of his field of work - until a simple customer order reminded him who had the power.

29. When You Get So Drunk that You Don't Remember Anything

There are moments in life that we would like to forget but there are also those that we forget because of excessive alcohol consumption. Getting so drunk that you don't remember anything the next day, even important details, is a testament to funny stories that turn into unforgettable anecdotes.

29. When You Get So Drunk that You Don't Remember Anything.jpg?format=webp@EfficiencySerious200/reddit.com

Although such moments make great stories for evening gatherings, it is better to remember what happened. He promised himself that next time he would drink moderately to leave memories not only for his friends but also for himself. Such cases serve as a reminder that life can sometimes be a comic theater where we play the main roles in the most unlikely situations.

30. Don't Mess with Sweaty Bus Drivers

This story is based on real events in 2013. The employer Arriva banned drivers from wearing shorts. But the men turned out to be very smart. A dozen male drivers in Sweden circumvented the shorts ban by wearing skirts to work in hot weather.

30. Don't Mess with Sweaty Bus Drivers.jpg?format=webp@z0mOs/reddit.com

If the boss forbade them to wear skirts, it would be discrimination. So, the drivers didn't get confused and now they don't have to suffer in their pants when it's incredibly hot outside. Friendship and awareness won the day. We can only be happy for these drivers.

31. What Can You Do to Avoid Sharing a Cake?

My niece ordered a cake from her aunt for her birthday and was very creative with her order. To prevent anyone from eating her cake, she asked that it be made with a dead lion. The aunt liked this idea very much and fulfilled her little niece's wish.

31. What Can You Do to Avoid Sharing a Cake.jpg?format=webp@PiplupPerson/reddit.com

Children's imagination is a wonderful thing and can be useful even for adults. You can learn many tricks from children. So, you can safely adopt some of their ideas, in case no one really wants to eat a cake with a dead lion.

32. Now Her Husband Will Have Trust Issues

A woman was angry with her husband and came up with a sophisticated way to take revenge. She spilled water near the dishwasher, making her husband think that the appliance was broken. So, he spent 2 hours trying to fix it.

32. Now Her Husband Will Have Trust Issues.jpg?format=webp@Nexus-Point/reddit.com

It was a very elegant way to take revenge but as soon as the man realized that there was nothing wrong with the dishwasher, he would put 2 plus 2 together and stop trusting his beloved. It makes sense to think about whether you should do something like this next time or whether it's better to sit down and talk.

33. Mom Will Always Find an Answer

The daughter wanted to find out directly why her mother was still trying to keep in touch with her ex, with whom she had broken up a year ago. The cunning mother answered why she was still in contact with her ex, omitting the fact that her ex was her daughter's father.

33. Mom Will Always Find an Answer.jpg?format=webp@10 Texts With an Unexpected Plot Twist/brightside.me

This is an example of how to skillfully shift the arrows and turn a serious conversation into a joke. Mothers are real masters at this, skillfully hiding their intentions and easily getting out of awkward situations. How can you continue to be offended by them? They do not hold grudges and easily find a common language with them.

34. Time to Learn Spanish

In the era of globalization and rapid technological development, learning foreign languages is becoming not just a pleasant addition to personal development but a necessity. However, sometimes life presents us with unexpected language challenges. For one individual, this is exactly what transpired.

34. Time to Learn Spanish.jpg?format=webp@ll_blank_ll/reddit.com

He accidentally set up his Hulu commercials in Spanish. So, as they say, every mistake can be a new opportunity. This man might never have thought seriously about learning Spanish if it weren't for his accidental mistake with his Hulu settings. Now he sees it as a chance to improve his skills and broaden his horizons.

35. How to Stop People from Lying

This guy invented a straightforward and effective way to get people to tell the truth about their height. He simply stands next to these individuals and says that he is a little taller than them, even though he is much taller. This makes people feel ashamed and eventually confess to their lies.

35. How to Stop People from Lying.jpg?format=webp@JganticJon/reddit.com

Individuals frequently want to look better than they actually are. But they don't realize one thing: being short, overweight, having short hair or big feet is not a shame. Everyone is interesting and special in their own way. They are loved and respected not for their appearance.

36. A Cultural Way to Send a Hater Away

It's probably not the first time Wendy's has encountered dissatisfied users online. These people have hardly ever tried their products but they have definitely learned how to express their dissatisfaction. One of these haters did not appreciate the company's image and called it "the worst meme ever." The response was not long in coming.

36. A Cultural Way to Send a Hater Away.jpg?format=webp@Iceu/imgflip.com

The Wendy's representative noticed that the disgruntled person had only 17 followers and wrote that "they are very sorry that he and his followers did not like the meme." A perfect response to a person who also uses anonymity to forget what it means to be tactful and polite.

37. The Best Gift is You

A mother simply asked about a gift for her professional Mother's Day and was told that her son was the best gift she could have given to celebrate this day. What can you do: children are children, even adults. But there was one "but" that the adult son forgot to take into account.

37. The Best Gift is You.jpg?format=webp@Justtakeitaway/reddit.com

It turns out that he is the second child in the family, and his mother did not forget to remind him of this. Mom definitely has a great sense of humor and will find something to say to her children. Although, indeed, the best gift for every loving mother is healthy and happy children, her son was right about something.

38. What You Can Do to Make Your Room Finally Clean

It looks like this guy did everything he could to get through to his roommate and get him to finally clean up. But neither threats nor serious conversations worked. Instead, the ploy of telling him about a "hot girl from Tinder" who was ready to come to visit him worked.

38. What You Can Do to Make Your Room Finally Clean.jpg?format=webp@IdkWhatImEvenDoing69/reddit.com

Wouldn't such news work on a young guy? Of course, his friend realized this as well. In the end, he got what he wanted - a clean room that was pleasant to be in - but his roommate was left without the promise. What can you do - that's life?

39. Out of the Competition

When your great-grandfather has such an obscenely funny name, you are truly out of the competition. And attentive followers immediately notice this. This story probably went viral online and spawned a bunch of humorous memes.

39. Out of the Competition.jpg?format=webp@hotmemes02/ifunny.co

What can you do, with a name like that, it can't be otherwise. Whatever the case, the author of the post in which he made this incriminating confession fell for all the humor himself. After all, you don't hear such things every day, and you don't forget them soon.

40. The Date Where Everything Becomes Clear

This story is more about a bad date than a life-changing destiny, it is hard to disagree with this. It's unlikely that after the girl realizes that the guy cheated on her with a ticket, forcing her to pay for herself, and using a free voucher, she will go out with him again.

40. The Date Where Everything Becomes Clear.jpg?format=webp@nekkototoro/reddit.com

Of course, such things are unpleasant and do not show a guy in the best way. But we can assume that the girl took revenge on him. She gave him some great publicity online when she shared this interesting story. We think he learned a good lesson.

41. Say No More!

When you decide to quit your job, nothing can stop you. This post was just an additional motivation. So, it definitely didn't need likes or shares. The author himself did a good job with it because he saw the goal and did not see any obstacles to achieving it.

41. Say No More!.jpg?format=webp@Subvet98/reddit.com

Shortly before his death, this man decided to have a beer with his sons and take a photo with them. And he did, dying happy. After all, what is the point of living if you suffer all the time and deny yourself everything? Life is only one, and sometimes you may not get another chance to be happy.

42. The Guy Made This Day

There are different ways to get a girl you like interested. The main thing is to do something extraordinary. This lady shared her interesting experience. She agreed without hesitation to help a guy write a nice message for the object of his affection, and then it turned out that it was her.

42. The Guy Made This Day.jpg?format=webp@ireallyhavetolivehuh/reddit.com

She really liked this way of courting. I want to believe that the guy continued to prove himself and managed to win the heart of his beloved. The story is very beautiful and tender, worthy of attention, and the guy is worthy of respect.

43. Enjoy Life to the End

This elderly man set an amazing example at the end of his life, that everyone should follow. He proved that even when death is nipping at your heels, you shouldn't give up on living your life with pleasure and making the most of it. One of the key guidelines is this.

43. Enjoy Life to the End.jpg?format=webp@Subvet98/reddit.com

Shortly before his death, this man decided to have a beer with his sons and take a photo with them. And he did, dying happy. After all, what is the point of living if you suffer all the time and deny yourself everything? Life is only one, and sometimes you may not get another chance to be happy.

44. Punish for Being Loud

It's annoying when other people are too loud in a public place. You start making comments one after another when nothing works and your requests have no effect on their behavior. What to do then? There is a great life hack from the author of the post.

44. Punish for Being Loud.jpg?format=webp@Insecure_potato/reddit.com

He once found himself in a similar situation. He accidentally overheard the details of a conversation between a company that was talking very loudly and not responding to comments. He heard that they had invented a domain for their website. To teach them a lesson, he quickly registered the domain and purchased it. If they had been quieter, this would not have happened.

45. Revenge is a Dish Served Cold

One girl once failed a boyfriend's presentation and he turned out to be vindictive. When he found out when she was going to defend her work, he spent 4 days preparing, having previously learned her topic, and brought the girl to tears with his questions.

45. Revenge is a Dish Served Cold.jpg?format=webp@SimpleButFun/reddit.com

It was not very dignified behavior. It would have been better if he had prepared so well for his presentation instead of asserting himself at the expense of others. There is always a chance to correct your mistakes and prove your professionalism but not by humiliating someone.

46. A Guy is Hitting on Girls

Pickup can be different. When a guy wants to get a girl's attention, he'll do anything. But sometimes it becomes too much. This story is about a guy who was a huge dreamer and a virtuoso at the same time. He was able to lie so well without lying.

46. A Guy is Hitting on Girls.jpg?format=webp@DatBoyPrson/reddit.com

For example, this young man said that he often traveled for work. His words give the impression that he is, if not a diplomat, then a person who is often on business trips. But in reality, he simply works as a pizza delivery man. How can we trust men now?

47. Mom Demonstrates Her Skills

We hate to say it but in today's society, moms don't get the respect they deserve. We believe that this is partly because they don't have the opportunity to show their individuality. They are so busy raising children and doing household chores that they don't have time for themselves.

47. Mom Demonstrates Her Skills.jpg?format=webp@Mom Jokes/piximus.net

That's what makes this photo so great. Not only is this mom showing her strength in the sense that she is showing how much wealth she has but this mother is also finally able to show that she knows that the ball is life. We boldly share her joy and desperation.

48. The Boyfriend Who Turned Out to Be a Stranger

This is shocking content; you will be surprised. A girl lived with a guy and didn't even realize that he was cheating on her and making money off of his girlfriend. He shamelessly charged her rent all these years for an apartment that he owned.

48. The Boyfriend Who Turned Out to Be a Stranger.jpg?format=webp@Dont_Stay_Gullible/reddit.com

After that, someone will say that women only want money. It seems that men are also mercantile, ready to take the lion's share of the salary from the one they call their beloved. It is unlikely that this girl when she learned the truth about her boyfriend, continued to live with him.

49. Brazilian Spider-Man

This brave guy dared to fight pedophiles and challenged them. Perhaps he has already saved a girl from rape and put more than one criminal behind bars. Unfortunately, we will never know. The main thing is that he himself does not suffer at the hands of villains.

49. Brazilian Spider-Man.jpg?format=webp@Todoro10101/reddit.com

This story is very instructive. However, the boy needs to be careful, because he is a minor himself and may be in danger. Nevertheless, his act is worthy. Police officers can learn from this Spiderman. We assume that he can rub the nose of more than one law enforcement officer with his wit.

50. Yes, It's a Threat

Children may be small, but they can be evil. They tend to always say what they think, no matter what, and sometimes their honesty is more than we adults are used to. In this situation, a young child used her honesty to write a letter to her mother that contained a particularly disturbing threat.

50. Yes, It's a Threat.jpg?format=webp@24 Times Kids Were Unintentionally Savage/cheezburger.com

We can only imagine what pushed such an innocent child to the brink of dramatic action but if we had to guess, we would assume it had something to do with toys. Or perhaps food. Whatever it is, a mom needs to talk to her child.